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masak tempoyakk

love can be so much divine people.

okay so wassap boggie woggie been a long time since..errr i dont count entry..again im having such a shitty day and hating enjoyment at this hour..ehem2...thats is ma lover..ma husband ..ma brat..ma thugs and ma s""...yope..2 years already..time running so fast and i can see a future with ma twins holding ma hand and him..aha! just kiddy

so ma wordless for today is "love can be so much divine"
yupp i love you..and its seems like im death without it..were far away..away from words and act..
i rarely wrote an nicely entry no harshing love and romance time but when it comes to this i felt like..= +'

cut the craps..today pza felt hurting much..si dia seems jauhkan diri dari pza..(uh ye ker tu?)..yelah,..masuk hari ni ja pza kena tinggal berabis..this and that..alasan yang pza trima bila si dia nak go out at NIGHT..night?..kenapa lah ada malam?..yuhh pening kepala begini..kalau dulu..si dia minta permission main futsal pukul 8 to 9 malam but kali ni lagi sandi wooo pukul 10 to 12 kot..(cuba bagi alasan kukuh kenapa huby mau kuar)..he tell me that "cyg huby kepingin mau main badminton"..yuhh waaa sepalah bha xkasian bila si dia mengeluh begitu..if only ima be queen control ..no..im not queen control..let him fly free..tapi pza jugak yang kasian last2..lagi 3 hari mau jumpa mcam2 dugaan tadi lagi sandi..si dia text me he manage to answer all that kind of question they were given in class and said that his lecterer puji dia..i call her tapi macm sampah kena layan..maybe dia lapar tapi ..(no fair la bro!)..3 days before we had a big fight and almost clash for it..but something were still missing and i felt empety even after were good then..i dont know what has gotten into mind lately

how do i know i love you too much

* this things shitting on ma nerves and i cant get rid out of ma brain so many times i get to sleep lately..
* i miss you too much 

banyak lagi and i cant describe it all..kadang2 love can make us go crazy,dead and live were meaningfull..and so goes here..i had a beatifull life with si dia and sometimes i dont..kadang2 si dia were to kongkong me dan buatkan i cant breath..tapi itulah si dia..tapi kenapa bila time pza need si dia..si dia macam tak peduli me..?..so hurt and so long weve been couple and he still dont even know who am i?..watta
n yeah..sometimes i do feel alone and jeles with him..and yes i admit that,..i cant live without him..tapi saya kena palau again ..yuhh kenapa si dia tak reti nak faham perasaan  orang ni..tak kesah la bila si dia tak tahu nak surprising me with all kind of material and blah blah blah..tapi perasaan ni.."mana boleh wat palau"..tapi ni lah rasa cinta sebenarnya..rasa sakit hati..tidak terpedulikan dan tidak memahami..kalau menyanyangi tu boleh lagi tapi ..langsung tak faham erti "peduli" dan erti "memahami"..yalah pza cuba la ni fahami isi hati si dia..benarkan si dia mencuba apa seja except drugs and smoke (i hate that totally is like i wanna punch it to his face)tapi errr neverminda la..i just want to make him smile..and proud of me..pza tak mahu sekat kebebasan si dia..tak mahu paksa si dia lakukan something yang bukan he interst with..pza sayang dia and thats why pza have to let him go..and that were the only way he comes to me..even have to take a lot of time and effort but actually its kinda work!..
and thats the meaning of love for me..i just love him too much and i cant force him..

huby if you seen this..
let me know that you love me so much..
let me hear you whisper the love to me..
let me listen to your words about me..
let me know that you need me..

even though ..
i let you go....
credit to:mohd amir iskandar bin mohd hamzah
dbk student
futsal lover
newbie badminton
ma lovers..


fake smile..

heyyo..im sad..dull and pale..i dont really know what to do else..im enjoying myself with no other choice..life was meaningless after all and i dont even know where am i supposed to be..this is me.no intention and no other life..im having such a hard time and want to fix it ,,its takes a whole lot of time to cure...i have someone that can possibly turn me into a monster,giant hulk,maid and be a humble wife,friends,or an gal for enjoy lust..

the day that i have been great was the day i have to pay myself an awful time....how am i be for the next 3 months?..is it still my life meaningless or is it still my day glooming and cloudy again.,...or is it im the one who need to change attude or personality?...its to bad for me to leave all these question and no one seems to care about me at all

i am that dude!

hai hai hai hai and so haii.so ..there i go..baru nak start update ma blog...lama dah tak update blog..this is my first entry in this week..not gona say anything..better speechless for a moment is  enough for ma guy to leave me peace..so my entry today..is...errrr kinda blurrr..ma vision so unpredictable and so unclearly..ahah..but this is me!..i am that dude!..

what am i doing?..if somebody tells me what am i doing i would say..watching me got nothing to do..sitting in a office were so damn boring and just cant wait to go back home..that how i am doing ..yupp..i am that dude..i dont have anything to share with you boggie..i aint gona write out loud..and kind lazy typo had influencing me since i had a fight with somebody workmate job shitless..

this is the day and the week that i so busying checking on upu and all that..and next week for my lovely moment and my love comin here to celebrating ou second anniversary..well,cut the craps!!..im not gona say anything about that for this moment..just let it be..let it come..and let it wash away on everything that were gonna been through..

i am so that dude!..im a muslim who wearing a hijab everywhere i go..i am that dude who like swag enough..and i am that dude who got a boyfriend that loves me so much and keep me company and act like ma mama one..i am that dude who always waisting ma money at the end of the month..and i am that dude who was waaaayyy to thicker to figure out on something dammitly...and i am that dude who keep on crying on something that i love is missing..

but whatever it is..i keep on smile..because with smile..i can burst out laughing with something that i do..or everybody mistakes..hah!..i love smiling..err actually not at all..not for someone..and not for somebody..keep on smile guys..yupp that all you gotta do right now and then...bye fellas..

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