ya ya ya...dont mind it..i love the way i post it ..(ma lil wishlist swagga)

kumpul collection bokeh banyak derr..kaya t
beig swag tahap yang cemerlang
being the greates blogger wellbeing
masak tempoyakk

heppi new year awakk!!

memang when we back from kalendar islam kita dah lama dah new year ni ha..cuma ikut modern kalendar tomorrow new year and start new beginning..wink2...huhayy..so..everybody were talking about this shit thing..what the moto of this new year and bla bla bla..okay and so thiny little teen or no..this thiny little woman..who deserve to get something better in her life..and so,..im 21 starting tomorrow..im still working and still dont know how to drive..ma family in sabah still..ma lil sis is grown already..no more school uniform for her..ma bro..is started to open his own company...very successful man in life...ma mama..she still the old one i use to know..non-stop babbling and owes to had a fight with ma dad..such a lovable ..talk about ma dady..ma dad loves me,ma lil sis , ma bro and ma mama and so this k.nga...wink2..now turn ma hubbyy..we've been together since the day of 2010 which is on 10 of april and its mean the second year of our relationship journey...did i mention i also have somebody which i want to sent this whishing star for??.....nvmind..im tyring to forget them already.no worry im use to it..now heres the list that i want the most for this  new year beginning:
  1. got komisen for this january
  2. on holiday and celebrate our second anniversary with ma hubby
  3. get a lot more swagger
  4. move to ugly to beauty..(yupp)
  5. having this license..
  6. xperia will be mine...
  7. get more better job and
  8. trying to get the best on ma whole life
  9. kumpulkan iman dan semangat serta takwa pada ALLAH SWT..
so..thats it..im not the good one.so im trying to list what i can and i effort ..wish me luck guys whoever read this..

...and someday..i wish i can turn back time...being back to kid and forget anything..
(come on men..those kids had they swag too)


assalamualaikum guys.leave a comment...sedeqah la..amalan mulia tu..ehekk

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