ya ya ya...dont mind it..i love the way i post it ..(ma lil wishlist swagga)

kumpul collection bokeh banyak derr..kaya t
beig swag tahap yang cemerlang
being the greates blogger wellbeing
masak tempoyakk

okay sangat unproductive life i had..

wassap wassap wasssap blog blog...
today i dont have much to say..then i like to nag on something that shouldnt be..damn that can truly hurt me a lot..let me talk about my life in publicly...my name is fiza you can call me ooooooooouuuu nah..ma guy call me whatever he like darling,loves,syg or honey,bini pun also can as long as he doesnt call sial,bodoh,bangang sudah...ma friends use to call me pza or pjok.simple..i way on ma way to be a swagger on top of that still need a lot of improvement..y i like swagger so much?..because..you know starting from the one that lleft me behing and makes me feel like this..ima veil one nicey but an ordinary thinker..ima sweet 20 and doesnt like to talk so much..unless you the one that i like..firstly..i wont sitting there so long to remember your name..im not the one who have that strong rememberance like an mr.albert einstein and bla bla bla..im the one who clumsy one at the time and sometimes the one that so easy to get careless..but somehow im the one who cant easy please me for the boy....
i like an some changes of a..whatever it is..i dont want im the only one who left behind the new world im sit on...i had a family that not kinda rich who get always take me to travel to europe or bali or something amazing place..we used to travel in sandakan only(where ma mum born) = = ' kinda awkard but i like ma family even lots of liking..ma dad..ma dad is the one that ma super magic wishes..and i still remember how we used to fighting over tv remote..so damn funny..hes ma hero where what i want is always what i get...ma mum..hahah she a supermom..i dont have to talk much on her..shes the one,the only,the first and the last mother on earth..shes mad at me,loved me and care for me all the times although she never show how much she loves this preety stubborn little 20 guys....i had ma bro..scary,so scary..hes very hot tempered i tell you..and sometimes im the one who usally get slap by him.when i was a kid la..now cannot..im big girl already ma..scolded tu besala normall..hes a paramedic and hes well-known and hes clever more clever than me..last one i had ma lil sister...so very sangat manja with me..padahal tua suda form 5..ahah im the one who always manjakan dia..if she wants that i try to get that for her..if not whats the point of having her?/..shes always makes me laughing and sometimes i hate her much as i loved her..

and thats all for now...sambung lagi..
(nada pic pla ni kali malas mau mengupload c bayan ni)
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