ya ya ya...dont mind it..i love the way i post it ..(ma lil wishlist swagga)

kumpul collection bokeh banyak derr..kaya t
beig swag tahap yang cemerlang
being the greates blogger wellbeing
masak tempoyakk

love aint go wrong..

i got a lot of free time..and i addict to this...so i want to share with you guys..what in ma heart after all i hide it..eheks..sound silly but seriously me take a lot of time to express it..ever love and miss somebody..the day that you missing them was the day that you losing them..pain right??..im feelin the same way ever..but then,ill find some light to bring me back to reality..this is ma real story ..no copycat from a lover book nor twilight storyteller..

the story began with life me that happen 3 years a go..too long and still evergreen in ma deep soul..the day that i diddent know how to express the inner beauty inside..im not like the other gurl who can walk out proud  with  they beauty and talking insane and like no one cares..thats why ima rebel back then..i just wanna be somebody that i like..imitating was the only way i think for that time to show up ...ima free free hair  once..im loafing with the notorius gangster and enjoying time was the only thing that comin up in ma mind..the teenage rebellious was exciting..ima forcing to do something that i hate much eventhough its a good way to practise it..i dont care and i dont mind...and one day i meet a boy..a boy that took ma heart for the first time..hes 2 years older than me..no wonder ill be act too matured that ma age suppose to be...hes good looking,everybody try to win over him..luckily i got him in ma grip..i was eager to show in public how proud i am to have someone handsome like him walk beside me and put his smile on his face..not every single day was the bright sunshine in our life...ima hater of a man actually....i got dumped on ma every relationship now im having a relation with him..ima player..so bad i was in that years...karma has it back on me..he paid back..he cheat on me too when the time that i put ma trust on him.."what goes around comes around"..i accept the karma..but i cant accept the way he did on me..for whole 7 months i be stray hollow waiting him to come back ..still got no reply,still got no news about him...hes an army...reserve army....ill be like..

i try to win him back..haha no luck that time..he with other gurl there..im in kk that time and he in tawau thus, i give up on tryin ..actually he did not do much thing on me..even though were already one years relation hold..and that  anniversary was the last ..and i aint hold it back..so i try to open ma heart with some other man this time..oughh..ima ex-student in likas you know..and in likas..actually it brings a lot of sweet memories in ma life..the biggest impact is im in veil right now..the light has upon me to wear tudung..i start to pray..start to repent..im takin a rehab...ever since i broke up with him..i no longer fall into love in anybody..serious..im hard to get attract by a men..

than one bright and shinefull day in school..(im get into boarding school in likas)..ma besitie introduce sombody..she say that the guy(ma boyfiee now) had a crush on me ..we get to know by latest technology communication.."Facebook"...that time..im try to ignore him..but he keep asking amy(ma bestie)on ma respond towards him..we're same age..and the first time i get into same age thing ..ahah
okayy..this is ma boy..generous and gentleman..dong_gigs..i like to play trick with him everyday...come on heal for ma love....the first time i  look at him..i was..man!`...i like that guy....no one ever asking us whos the first person that express love guys?/ ehem2..(bearlah rahsia huuuu)....
now im start to realize..whose the right person you gived love..let us think carefully,...find a men that treat you the most,loving you,care about you and need you every single time...not taking you for granted..love is beautifull.and perfect gift from God..use it wisely,nicely and train it greatfully ...the more you put trust on a men,the more you hurt in the other time..ima 2o..ima dedicatied this to a gurl who think they love best in teenage ..not every men you make couples in teenage day were your men till the end..and so am i..

and now i just pray for ma love..that he never turns back..our journey is way too more adventourous and more complicated "welcome to matured love buddy:..pal said it to me..so guys not much i can tell..not much i can share..just a feelin that i love to share with you all..now im glad this wasnt a movie screen teller but i glad to express it..

the end....

bokeh collections..

ola guys...assalamualaikum w.b.t..(jawab dan tidak berdosa tambah pahala ada)...okayy sekali lagi pza update blog ni..dah kira pza dah pekena ngan sumpahan blog ni dah mak yong..dah kerap sgat update blog ni ...keyboard pun masalah..dah panjang dah pza wat karangan ni ..tetiba terhighlight la pla suma ayat truss dalam sekelip mata hilang..ni dah masuk berapa kali dah ni pza wat semula ni..inda apa2 la..(sori la guys bhasa campur ckit...sabahan kan..bole baca gak kan)..okay pza asal sabah actually..urang sabah yang menetap di semenanjung..pza ada family angkat kt cni..orang pahang dah berapa kali dah lau cuti asyik ulang alik jerr balik pahang yelahh..tambang pun berapa la sangat kan dibandingkan tambang nak balik sabah ni ..
okayy hari ni pza nak share ngan korang sumer hobi pza..okay lets get into point la kan..ima lover of the bokeh collection ..tau kan bokeh tu  apa?..bokeh tu polka dot..it comes in many size,diferent colour and various presentation..pza suka bokeh ni sebab i feel like something they wanna share with us..memg la  tenung lama2 sakit mata..tapi ntah la pza sangat suka ngan bokeh ni..yela kan lain orang lain hobi dia..ada yang minat
doodles ada yang minat patung..depends la dengan hobby mereka..asal tak menyusahkan orang lain pza rasa tak ada apa2 salah kan..
okay penat dah pza menaip and explain ngan korang apa tu bokeh..korang tengoklah sendiri apa benda tu bokeh..ni pza hack dekat photobucket ni website pun ada benda ni ..pza punya own collection t la next post pza show it to you guys ae..enjoyy

ola guys..!!~~`..what a great december mawning kan??

ola guys..hurmmm today is december..december morning..december not yet get  paid..december swettener guy..and everything start with..DECEMBER..so..this is ma new makeup blog..i suppose to update ma blog everyday on and on till i get emesis..ahaks!!~...okay now i know whos the right to helping a hand..okayy this is it..
tadaaa...her name is khalila md ishak..(based on her charatherisme she nice and sweet person)..okay i do ask her permission on taking her picture okayy ....shes guide me in blogging world..now i confess that theres no way im getting off or let this gurl go again ..its so hard to find someone like her...
you know if theres 10 more ppl like her im sure we'll be so happy to get on with life...you know..i do actually dont know her much..i just know her by the name,by the speak,and also by her purest heart..if she read this..im pretty sure that she glad to hear to  it...shes from k.lumpur and im also there...but we never talk about her life and my life..i just pretend that i know her through her blog way of life stories....so the end..i cannot describe everything about her okayy...im totally scared shes doesnt give me the approval yet..ehehh

okay next chapter..move on chicka
hahah..lawa kan dia??
gilak keroppi ni dea..xpza taula apa istemewany dia tu ahahah
..lagi punah pza ni lau dia tau pza upload pic dia..ahahah anyway ni amy ma bestiee..amy ni jahat ni urankny ahaha jgn kamu kwn ma dea ni ...wakakakaka...amy ajar pza apa ni..nuffnang la..dia la ni yang introduce pza dalm dunia blogging ni..jahat kan dia..)==)..wkakakak..satu kelas pza dulu ni time 6..gilak2 jugak dia ne ae..(jgn kamu dakat ma dea)..ada saka ni ..saka menyuruh urang pada kebaikan ..ahahahahah..
kw xsgka kan pjok wat surprise gni ni kan??
terharu la kw my//? bangga la kw my??..naik saham lau kw tu my kan
kw jugak bha yang pallink manang my..
lau aq blik sabah pastikan kw ada ya my//...
rindu kw...

ini puisi untuk kalian..(sori la bro indon ckit)..

sahabat yang baik
adalah sahabat yang cepat mengetahui kita dalam kesulitan
dan tidak hanya dalam kesenangan
karena kebanyakan sahabat sekarang
banyak yang mau dekat dengan kita
bila kita punya uang dan harta yang berlimpah
jadi carilah sahabat yang bisa mengerti apa artinya hidup yang singkat ini
dan tidak mengutamakan kekayaan
tapi lebih kepada solusi apa itu hidup
yang bisa mensyukuri dan menikmati setiap saat

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