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kumpul collection bokeh banyak derr..kaya t
beig swag tahap yang cemerlang
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masak tempoyakk


ola guys..ehem..ehem...i mean ola ma babe blog..okay today im in no mood to talk,chat or speaks louder...so i just quiet and let the body talks!..so i began to start with how this day gonna ruin ma entire whole world..yesterday back from pahang..im in no mood and act like everybody was the fault of my anger all of a sudden include ma love(poor you huby)..but then,kak nga starting to act weird just like me either..no talk or even no lauging for a sec nor a minute,,...its pms time..the mooddy time..and  i hate that...the body cant resist the feeling that naturally comes up deep inside me...so i stood up and think..why should i have to get anger with no point..im intelligent of a hypnotical over my depression and i shouldnt have to get loose for actor like that..woot wooot somebody gonna tel me how to stop on that thing..waka!~~...the greyson chance had his waiting outside the line or rihanna had the u da one story... i also have one..."ultimate legatimate and the supreme pms story" haha...funny how life can change surrounds us...to me,i had the best thing in life...not for the bestie or bla bla..its for what ive done,ma family and my love..they gave me the best damn thing ever in ma life..friends??..i have one once...not one many..but they got their own life to continue..and ma family and ma love were the one that beside me wherever i go...have you ever think that friends can be reach you in no matter what time where you need them the most???....i think it twice...where i need them most there would defienietly not be there....friends can be find it just that you can find a friend that gonna stick with you forever..come on ..they got also them best thing in life than you bro.....love your family,trust and loyatly with your love..

with love,
pza swagger...

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