ya ya ya...dont mind it..i love the way i post it ..(ma lil wishlist swagga)

kumpul collection bokeh banyak derr..kaya t
beig swag tahap yang cemerlang
being the greates blogger wellbeing
masak tempoyakk

storyteller begin..

and again ma (i dont count entry orait)..next entry..cant wait to see tomorrow..ou yes..boggie i have a big appointment on tomorrow..the glamaorous time!!!!!...i loved shooping.."shooping"..its called "shoooping"...understand ma definition on that darling...shop comes the word from kedaii in malay..where selling a kind of a nice outfits...hello .."nice outfits are allowed"!!!.....sec."s"..comes from swag..which means...swag for some girl that know how present her best style in public..thats what i like..its not easy to says shooping when you doesnt feel the heat of a shooping time...i had this feeling from last year..when i got a thousand dollars in ma hand and i fell lik a..whats the point of having money if we cant use it wisely..ppl can call me so much wiser in waisting ma money..but i fell glad about it..im also got a name on ma style in veil surround me..that why i doesnt seem to be fear to naming ma self "pza swager"..cause i like swag..im waisting money to put on ma body..what to wear is depending on ma money..so i work for money..for buy me this nice clothes..soon to be diamonds and pearl ma favourite..its okay then,i wont be the gold-digger for ma guy..i just want him to buy some goods for me very well..ahaha so materialistic one!!..
so..this is ma pic list on ma buy for tomorrow...(enjoy)

so..here we go..

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  1. ermm as long as u got the extra money,then nothing much to thinking.u can do wat u wan to do rite...so enjoy =)


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